What is a Fanlisting?

A fanlisting is a website whose purpose is to list fans of a particular subject. There are all different kinds of fanlistings: for movies, actors, television shows, websites, sports, political figures and so on.

The Fanlistings web site networks all fanlistings together. Fanlistings were first thought up by Janine Mischor in 2000. Visit The Fanlistings.org for a more in-depth explanation behind this concept, and hundreds of other fanlistings you can join!

About the Song

Possession is the first single from Sarah McLachlan's album Fumbling Towards Ecstasy. It was first released in Canada on 10 September 1993. It appears in two versions on the recording, as it's first and last track, the latter a solo piano version. There is also a live version on the Mirrorball album. The Rabbit in the Moon remix is available on two different remix albums. There was recently a new recording of the song exclusively released on iTunes.

The Layout

The layout was created using a black&white shot of Sarah McLachlan randomly found via Google image search. It was heavily photoshopped and touched up with textures and brushes.


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