Inflammable Soul is the third incarnation of my fanlisting collective. It was previously hosted on its own subdomain, first called Fan-tastic, later renamed Ardour. I decided that I want to use the other domain for professional purposes in future and therefore my fannish pursuits and the hosting of fanlistings wouldn't be suitable there on the long run.

Yes, yes, the domain name is rather pretentious, I'm quite aware of it, thank you very much. Nevertheless, it conveys well enough that I am, as a fan, at times set easily aflame. Not literally, of course. It seemed like a suitable simile anyway.

The first layout makes use of the chemical symbol for inflammable substances. It's very green, and I while I quite fancy it at the moment, chances are good that I'll grow tired of it sooner or later, and come up with a more subdued colour scheme.

All original content and design is mine. Don't copypasta! I don't think there's anything wrong with having a look at stysheets and coding, and use it as inspiration for one's own projects. It's the way I learned most about coding myself, as long as you don't make the mistake of leaving it unchanged, mostly. :)