1. Be a fan of the epsisode.
  2. On joining, you have to give your name and country or residence, and a valid email address.
  3. If you use ALL CAPS, sTiCkY caPS, special characters or numbers in the name field, I will decide on my discretion to edit your name.
  4. Even though all email addresses displayed on the member pages are proctected from spam bots by JavaScript, you can still opt for not having your address displayed.
  5. A website is not required for joining.
  6. If you want a website listed, I ask you to please link back to you, either by a tet link, or by using a graphical button like those found on the codes page.
  7. I check on occasion if the websites on my member lists are still working. If I find dead links, I will most likely remove your URL. If you don't want this to happen, please use the Update form to let me know of the changes.
  8. In compliance with rules, I will decline listing sites containing offensive material, warez, hate rhetorics, etc. You will still be listed, only without the URL.